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Hey!  I'm Mrs. Roozen, but you can call me Allison

My Mission:

My goal is to tap into the innate curiosity of my students and nurture a love of learning inside the classroom and out.  I aim to prepare my students for the modern world by cultivating their creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills.  Through a holistic, interdisciplinary and project based approach my mission is to empower each student to become a lifelong learner.


As a part of my Masters in Applied Teaching program, I am preparing to be a student teacher!


I have 3 children who teach me about curiosity and creativity each and everyday.  Creating a home environment that best supports their holistic development is one of my favorite parts of being a mom.


I love to work with aligned brands and help spread awareness of products, tools and services that amplify my mission. 

My Teaching Strategy

These are the principles I bring to my teaching practice and the concepts that guide all of my lessons, activites and projects.

1. Engagement

I follow a formula taken from digital marketing:

Hook + Value Offer

+ Call to Action

= Awesome Engagement

2. Empowerment

24/7 Support

3. Inclusion

Multilingual Functionality

4. Accessibility

Advanced Tech

5. Community

Licensed Professionals

6. Differentiation

First-Rate Materials

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Some of my favorite things...

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