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Affiliate Information

Hey there!  Curious to know about how I use affiliate links on this site?  Look no further!


What the heck is an affiliate link?

Affiliate links are links that are specially coded to match my website’s url, so that companies can track when I send them traffic and customers.  This way I can partner up with brands and products I love and get a commission when I help them make sales.


How I choose affiliate programs:

For me to use an affiliate link, it means that the company I am directing you to and I have an agreement.  I only enter into these contracts with companies I support with my own dollars and that are in line with my values.  I only recommend products that I personally use and love and try my hardest to share sales and discounts with you when available.


How much do I get paid?

Different affiliate programs offer different compensation rates, so this is a little tricky to explain.  Typically I have the potential to make a very small percentage of the sale that I commission, in most cases individual sales are quite insignificant and the fact that you purchase through an affiliate link does not affect the price you pay as the consumer.


Which affiliate programs am I a part of?

Currently I am a part of Amazon Affiliates, the Rakuten Advertising Network, Awin, Share a Sale, CJ Affiliates, Like to Know It and Pepperjam.  Each of these house a vast number of individual companies and brands, of which I am an affiliate for a select few.


I hope that makes this whole affiliate advertising thing clear!  Thanks so much for supporting me and my site by trusting my recommendations and shopping via the links I provide.




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