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Countdown to Halloween with Fun Fall Activities Each Day of October

Spend all of spooky season making magical memories as you get ready for Halloween night!

halloween countdown spiderwebs on chalkboard

Along with our October Bucket List, this year I am starting a new tradition where we do a countdown to Halloween.

Similar to an advent calendar, it includes a card for each day of the month leading up to the holiday.

I wanted to include some staple activities like carving pumpkins, but also kept things simple so it doesn't get overwhelming and many of the activities don't require any prep, don't need a big time slot and won't be messy.

Simple activities like staying up late or listening to Halloween music are easy to execute while also ensuring that we take time each day to connect and make memories.

halloween countdown cards kid halloween acitivities

Here is how you can set up your own Halloween Countdown! (Instructions are also included as the last page of the pdf).

  1. Grab the Halloween Countdown pdf and print pages 2-5 on high quality cardstock to get started.

  2. Use a paper trimmer or plain 'ol scissors to cut out the cards.

The set includes 30 activities plus 10 blank cards. Come up with one activity unique to your family or swap several cards to personalize the traditions.

halloween countdown cards with kid fall activities

3. Once you have the cards printed, you can print one of the calendar options to plan out your month. This will help you to decide which activities work best for the weekends, or need to fall on a certain date.

4. As you add items to the calendar, keep a list of any supplies you might need to get before doing some of the activities.

how to plan a month of halloween activities for kids

5. Then you can either print the number tags onto sticker paper to cut out and stick onto the backs of the cards like I did, print them on regular paper and cut/ glue them or simply write your numbers by hand.

These would also be cute to use on envelopes to seal the cards inside.

planning halloween acitivities for toddlers and preschoolers

6. Once you have a date to match each activity you can set up your countdown! Technically mine is set up more like a calendar than countdown, but it just makes more sense that way!

Then with each new day, allow your children to reveal that day's activity! You can perform some of them right there on the spot, like practicing a witchy laugh - wah ah ahaha!

I hope you have fun setting up this special tradition and that your family makes some amazing memories this October and many more to come!

preschooler halloween activities for every day of october

halloween countdown calendar for october halloween decorations

As always, make sure to share your fun with me by tagging @allisonroozen on social media and show off how you set up these fun cards!

Happy Hallowen-ing,