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FREE Create Your Own Roadway Playmat Printable

A fun and easy to set up rainy day activity!

We are no strangers to rainy days. In fact, we probably have more rainy days than sunny here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, and while I do somewhat subscribe to the belief that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing - sometimes it is just too cold, wet and windy to spend much time outside.

On those days, where we are cooped up in the house nearly all day - it can take some creativity to keep everyone occupied and under control. Hence this glorious little gem of an activity for your little ones to spend time crafting and then playing with!

This FREE download includes 9 different road shapes and over a dozen road signs. All you need to do it print it out, set them up with the supplies and let the magic happen! For younger kids, you might want to help with the cutting step, but letting them be the creator of the roadway is really half of the magic.

Here is the simple step by step process we followed using this, but feel free to get creative!

Step 1:

Roll out some art paper to the desired width of your map. Cut a second piece the same length and then tape them together along the back.

Step 2:

Cut out the different roadway shapes and signs.

Step 3:

Glue the pieces in place, either one by one or after laying out your desired design.

Step 4:

Use crayons or markers to further decorate your map.

Step 5:

Find your favorite little vehicles and play!

I hope this brings some fun to a rainy day in your home! If you use the printable I would love if you shared on Instagram and tagged me @thatzenmother !

Happy playing!