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Kids' clothing organization system for changing sizes and seasons

Use this system to keep all of your childrens' clothing organized!

little girls hanging clothes blues and tans

Keeping track of allll the tiny clothes and shoes can become quite the chore and a major burden on the mental load we mothers carry. This is one area where having a full proof system is absolutely necessary.

I created these labels to go into the plastic bins and clothing storage bags that I use to shuffle around the clothes for my 3 kids (1 girl and 2 boys). Here is my system for managing the kids' clothes:

For each child I keep the items they are currently using; things that are in season and fit them, available and stored Kon Mari style in drawers and on hangers.

Adjacent to this I also have a bin or bag to tuck things into as they outgrow them or they no longer need (like shorts as we head into colder months). Once this is full I will organize it, label it and relocate it - ready for the next child to grow into or available for different weather.

If we are using any borrowed items, I keep a separte storage bag to put things in, that will get returned to a different household. That way I don't ever have to go back sifting through things and looking at labels because it is already in its own container - ready to be returned.

I also keep a nearby bin or bag of things that don't quite fit them yet, from which I pull things as other items get outgrown. This helps me keep an eye on what we have and take stock of anything that I may need to get, like boots in a certain size or new t shirts or something.

Within each size set I also use packing cubes to compartmentalize things like mittens/hats or socks/underwear.

What this looks like in real life:

For my baby I use the drawers under my side of the bed, one holds his current wardobe in the front, with the next size up at the back and the second has a bag for things that no longer fit.

underbed storage for baby clothes kon mari method kids clothing storage system

For my middle child his everyday clothes live in his dresser and in his closet I have a plastic bin for things he outgrows and one for things in the next size up.

My oldest has her clothes hanging and in half of her dresser. The extra drawers hold a bag for things she outgrows and a bag for things that are too big or are out of season.

To be completely transparent we have ample storage so this is not an area where I have had to work around, but if space is an issue using space saver bags will make a huge difference.

little boys closet kids clothing storage system

littlr girls dresser drawer kids clothing storage system

As my baby outgrows things I place the garment bags in plastic bins and put them in the attic. This is where I have my maternity clothes and baby items that we've moved on from as well.

What I have started doing more recently is storing specialty items like holiday pajamas together rather than spread out amongst sizes. This way when the time comes I can simply look at everything we have together, rather than sorting through each size because sometimes someone is wearing a size 3, but the Christmas jammies in size 4 will fit just fine.

kids clothing storage system labels for christmas pajamas

I have also started to pull and store any sentimental items that I am not ready to part with. That way when I give away all of my baby or girl clothes I don't accidentally gift someone something that was too special to get rid of. (I already made this mistake once!)

I hope this helps you calm the chaos and unloads some of the mental weight you've been carrying! You can grab these labels from the Print It Studio!

Happy organizing,