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Simple Set Up For A Hippie Halloween Party

Make your spooky season special with a groovy get together, that's easy to host!

We have an amazing property, but it is not ideal for trick or treating. All in all there are 2 houses that my children will happily walk to and beyond that we would be in the car.

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year though, I think we will celebrate a few days early and bring the trick or treaters to us! It’s going to be a very hippie halloween indeed.

Being that the kids can’t actually go trick or treating I want to make sure we have ample activities to do, but I also want to keep things simple and allow the set up to be as stress free as possible.

So I put together a cute and comprehensive little Halloween Party Pack that I’m showing off here!

This is how to use everything in the kit along with some ideas for making the most of your spooky season celebrations!

After you have printed out the pages onto sturdy cardstock, start cutting! A great place to start is the “Let’s Go Ghouls,” bunting banner. Once you have the flags cut out, all you have to do is add a few hole punches to the top of each flag and then string them onto some ribbon or yarn. Boo-yah!

To make the ghost garland you’ll need a needle, a mini hole punch, some felt balls and yarn or string. Once you’ve cut out the ghosts, punch some holes in the edge of the eyes and then use the needle to string it all together.

Next you can cut the outer strips off of the food tents and fold them along the horizontal lines. Tucking the long edge into the short one will hold the tent together to stand and look oh so cute on a food and beverage buffet table.

Both the charades and truth or scare games can be cut out using scissors or a paper slicer. The straight edges also make great practice for little hands!

Tape the “Charades” label to your vase or jar and then fold up the pictures and fill it up.

Stack the truth and scare cards up separately so players can pull from either deck.

I printed the circle faces onto sticker paper, which I then cut out and used to seal up the paper goodie bags. You could do this with any of the items - the little flags would also be super cute! I just taped them to toothpicks here.

With the larger cut outs, I taped them to kabob skewers and stuck them into my vases of grasses that I had collected from outside. They would also be so cute in mums, marigolds or other seasonal arrangements.

This printable Halloween party pack also includes some gift tags, but I didn't use them here. My kids are so excited for the real event and until then we will be working our way through the Halloween countdown cards!

Happy haunting!