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You should know,

I believe in every student's innate capacity to learn.

  • My teaching focuses on preparing a positive learning environment and a strong culture of learning where students feel safe to take risks, trust in the value of their effort and feel free to follow their curiosities.

  • The theories that guide my planning and instruction prioritize experiential, project-based and mastery-based learning.

  • The core values I incorporate into my classroom practice are integrity, transparency and community-building.

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My lesson planning process:


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Service 1

A journey of facilitating...

I come by teaching naturally and have always had a predisposition for it.  Here are some key experiences that have been a part of my journey:

  • Volunteering in kindergarten class (6th grade)

  • Tutoring grade school math and reading (high school)

  • Working in school-based preschool (high school)

  • One-on-one English language learning support (community college)

  • Literacy Through Photography in alt. middle school (UW)

  • Education docent in Burke Museum (UW)

  • Orientation Leader w/ first-year programs (UW)

  • Facilitating as part of CEP program (UW)

  • Practicum & student teaching at LCHS (CWU)

I'm a lifelong learner with a love of books, podcasts, documentaries and Ted Talks!

A bit about me as a person...

I love my daily iced Americano with white mocha, I'm married with three wonderful children and live on a farm.  Here are some fun facts to get to know me:

  • I've worked as a barista, nanny and receptionist

  • I grew up playing soccer and played in community college

  • I solo traveled through Southeast Asia

  • I spent 6 months in South America 

  • I'm a middle child

  • I had my first baby when I was 26

  • My favorite genre of books is historical fiction

  • At the top of my bucket list is a trip to Mexico

  • I love to lift weights and do yoga

I was born the same year as Taylor Swift, but love all kinds of music!

Service 2
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